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Mask Presence defense numbers
« on: January 14, 2011, 05:21:16 PM »
I'm playing around with a Fortunata build, and I'm not sure exactly what I'm seeing with the defense values for Mind Link.

When I look at Mask Presence itself, I see a base defense value of 2.5%.  However, when I look at the Totals tab, toggling Mask Presence makes a difference of 7.5%.

I'm guessing that the Info tab is showing me the suppressed value, while the Totals is giving me unsuppressed, instead.  Is this WAI?  It would be nice if they both showed suppressed.

I'm running Mids v1.91.

ETA:  Doh!  I just found the suppression effects options and switched on 'attacked'.  Now I'm getting the suppressed defense value in both Info and Totals, which is awsome.  I'm still not sure if I did something which was making it display the suppressed value in Info before, though.
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