Author Topic: Need help getting blackguard / justiar- all of the hero/villain avs in RV  (Read 5055 times)


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Are the AVS in RV neutral by chance? If not I need to get blackguard taken care of first.

One of the things I need to do before I take my current rogue aligned villain back to heroes is to take out all of the signature heroes in RV and if possible I'd like to do this tonight or sometime between now and sunday which is when I planned on returning to heroes and getting my "come full circle badge"

I play on liberty if anyone has some folks interested in obtaining either of these badges but assuming that I have to be hero before I can earn Justiciar then I'll need to get blackguard before I go back to heroes.

I am joining a lrsf at 10ish tonight est so it would have to be after that if anyone wants to do that tonight otherwise there's saturday and sunday.
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I recommend posting instead on the Liberty subforum of the official forums, or possibly in the PvP section (make sure to put on your asbestos underwear).
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