Author Topic: DB/Regen or WP?  (Read 4658 times)


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DB/Regen or WP?
« on: September 17, 2008, 05:21:49 PM »
i really want to make a DB scrapper now that i've lvl'd up a ton of other toons, but i can't decide on Regen or WP.  i know Regen has all the heals the the best regen in the game, but i lacks def and resis, plus it will cause redraw.  WP has a solid mix of resis, def, regen and recovery but no heals.  i'm prob leaning more toward WP but i do already have a lvl 50 WP tank and a lvl 43 WP scrapper =)

which one would work better with DB?


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Re: DB/Regen or WP?
« Reply #1 on: September 17, 2008, 07:10:16 PM »
I personally have a DB/WP Scrapper....granted, he's only lv 10 though, I think.  I started him along with a WP/DB Tank when they first hit, just to try them both out.  Running on a team with 3 others of the same Powerset/AT made quick and Leveling at a decent pace.

I have a Katana/Regen whom I like a lot, he's only 20 though.

I'd say, of the short experience I have with the Powersets....and this is really a personal choice...not really the "right" choice, if there really is one....DB is good with WP for Scrappers.  Basis:  With the damage combos from DB, and all the stuff WP has to offer, you'll defeat the enemy without needing a heal.  Rather, you would recover faster, so you wouldn't really have to worry about your HP unless you get into the red, period.  Just don't go into a group of +2's or +3's on half health and think "I'm invincible".  Then again, with /Regen, some similar perspective of not doing that is appropriate.


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Re: DB/Regen or WP?
« Reply #2 on: September 18, 2008, 01:41:23 AM »
Regen's pretty much an either/or set. Either you survive the alpha and come out shining or you drop dead immediately.  Regen can benefit greatly from other forms of damage mitigation, like Tough and/or Weave, or something from your primary.

I found with my Kat/Regen that one of his biggest survival tools was having an application of Divine Avalanche on him upon approaching a new group, if I didn't have some /Regen click ready beforehand.  The extra defense from DA is quite tasty.  The redraw is not too bad, however. It can be annoying visually, but redraw or no, the activation times on your powers are the same.

Going with DB, I think the Sweep combo will be the equivalent extra mitigation power to get you thru the alphas.  Either secondary combination would work well, so go with whatever catches your fancy the most.


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Re: DB/Regen or WP?
« Reply #3 on: May 27, 2010, 10:42:14 PM »
i know this is almost 2 years later, but i went with DB/Regen.  i found that with Tough+Resilience gives me decent resis and add the combo of Instant Healing+Dull Pain, i was able to solo all the Praetorians.  i did find myself dying on just about every task force i've done though and have 5 debt badges... but solo i'm pretty impossible to beat.  if Instant Healing was still a toggle i'd probably live more on teams... i miss the good old days.