Author Topic: Suggestion: Signatures/avatars: Multi-signatures from multiple characters  (Read 2526 times)


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Another crazy idea for signatures/avatars:
I must say I'm not the original author for this one, and you can probably put it in the low priority back burner...

I was looking at Zombra's signature (from another post) and noticed his/her signature is actually a composite of multiple characters, maybe a GIF auto generated from the lists.. (?)

This may be an interesting option to add to the already-cool options you have for signatures/avatars, as it would allow 'bragging rights' for multiple characters I (we) own...

Perhaps coupled with a column from the general profile page, say - enable these 5 characters for my multi-signature - (probably don't want to go crazy with people that has 15, 20 or more toons), but say, allow me to choose my best 5...), plus include my current on-line one ...

I know, just rambling ;)


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We've actually talked about something like this internally, just never got around to hashing out all the details and getting it implemented.  Once things settled down, this is a pretty good idea I'd like to revisit.