Author Topic: Suckerpunch's Hero/Villain Planner  (Read 2380 times)


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Suckerpunch's Hero/Villain Planner
« on: January 25, 2023, 01:10:07 PM »
I know this is old and no longer available on the website. But Suckerpunch's Hero Planner used to be a web page hero planner that I guess inspired Mids.

I was able to grab the old html and CSS off of although it is broken as most of the planner was behind a login.

The goal is to rebuild the planner, I have already started doing so. I am here for 3 purposes;

1: to check if I need permission. and obtain express permission.

2: to gather images originally used in suckerpunch's (as they are now all broken links).

3: to ask if anyone remembers how suckerpunch's handled floating point numbers so they were equivalent to CoH floating point numbers?

Cheers and long time no post. hope you're all doing well.
If anyone would like to join in, or spearhead this project thats great too. I'm basically rebuilding from nothing, this is originally for Rebirth server, but the code will be open source so other servers will be able to use it as well. heres a link to that post:,3322.msg4490.html#msg4490

for images, right now I'm looking for a Large suckerpunch's/Mids Icon for the page background, and also the old hero and villain background images.
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There is always another way. But it might not work exactly like you may desire.

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