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Old CoH Forums Archive
« on: May 07, 2021, 02:02:39 PM »
I'm not sure where else to post this, or who to contact, so I'll just post it here, and hopefully either the bigwig(s) will see this, or someone will send it along to them (I'm frankly not even sure who the bigwig(s) are anymore with hearing that TonyV has "retired").

As some of you may know, I attempted to restore the original text of the old City of Heroes forums a year or two ago, with what I called Project Spelunker. Well, that project failed, mostly because I was attempting to do it with a database design, and the sheer amount of data involved overloaded the SQL database.

So, instead, I decided in the last couple of week to take a new approach. I've written a WARC parser from the ground up, and started using it to "extract" files from the Internet Archive's last save of the old forums in 2012. I'm then going to basically place all of these files in a single directory, try to fix all of the links to have them point to each other instead of, and see if I can get a search engine like Google to make it searchable. I believe that'd be the most successful chance of "bringing back" the old forums, at least in an archival state.

Some "previews" can be found here:

The reason why I'm bringing this up here, is I was wondering if the Titan Network would be interested in hosting this content, when I get it all extracted? Since you've placed the mantle of "archivists" on yourself already by making the Paragon Wiki an archive of how City of Heroes used to be as of the Sunset, I figured this kind of archive would also be right up your alley.

What say you? Any interest?