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Quick Insp conversion macros
« on: July 12, 2019, 06:22:10 PM »
This probably duplicates work elsewhere, but I did a nice tidy job using the macro_image command, so thought it was worth sharing.

This set of macros gives one-click Inspiration conversion (3-for-1), which can be helpful to players who need to convert unneeded Insps to useful ones on the fly. Most users will need only one or two of them at any one time or for any one alt. Users can either create all three levels of desired conversion, or replace lower ones as alts level to the higher types. All of the relevant macro-icon and Inspiration names can be found in these examples, for further editing. (Thanks to "FDIC" who asked the question and inspired the work here.)

Each macro will create a tray icon of the Insp type to be converted.

Each macro used should be edited to convert to the new Insp type most desired
(usually greens and purples).

/macro_image Inspiration_Damage_Resistance_Lvl_1 ORANGE insp_combine "Sturdy" "Luck"
/macro_image Inspiration_Accuracy_Lvl_1 YELLOW insp_combine "Insight" "Luck"
/macro_image Inspiration_Endurance_Lvl_1 BLUE insp_combine "Catch a Breath" "Luck"
/macro_image Inspiration_resist_sleep_hold_Lvl_1 VIOLET insp_combine "Break Free" "Luck"
/macro_image Inspiration_Resurrection_Lvl_1 AQUA insp_combine "Awaken" "Luck"
/macro_image Inspiration_Damage_Lvl_1 RED "insp_combine "Enrage" "Luck"
/macro_image Inspiration_Defense_Lvl_1 PURPLE insp_combine "Luck" "Respite"
/macro_image Inspiration_Health_Lvl_1 GREEN insp_combine "Respite" "Luck"

/macro_image Inspiration_Damage_Resistance_Lvl_2 ORANGE2 insp_combine "Rugged" "Good Luck"
/macro_image Inspiration_Accuracy_Lvl_2 YELLOW2 insp_combine "Keen Insight" "Good Luck"
/macro_image Inspiration_Endurance_Lvl_2 BLUE2 insp_combine "Take a Breather" "Good Luck"
/macro_image Inspiration_resist_sleep_hold_Lvl_2 VIOLET2 insp_combine "Emerge" "Good Luck"
/macro_image Inspiration_Resurrection_Lvl_2 AQUA2 insp_combine "Bounce Back" "Good Luck"
/macro_image Inspiration_Damage_Lvl_2 RED2 "insp_combine "Focused Rage" "Good Luck"
/macro_image Inspiration_Defense_Lvl_2 PURPLE2 insp_combine "Good Luck" "Dramatic Improvement"
/macro_image Inspiration_Health_Lvl_2 GREEN2 insp_combine "Dramatic Improvement" "Good Luck"

/macro_image Inspiration_Damage_Resistance_Lvl_3 ORANGE3 insp_combine "Robust" "Phenomenal Luck"
/macro_image Inspiration_Accuracy_Lvl_3 YELLOW3 insp_combine "Uncanny Insight" "Phenomenal Luck"
/macro_image Inspiration_Endurance_Lvl_3 BLUE3 insp_combine "Second Wind" "Phenomenal Luck"
/macro_image Inspiration_resist_sleep_hold_Lvl_3 VIOLET3 insp_combine "Escape" "Phenomenal Luck"
/macro_image Inspiration_Resurrection_Lvl_3 AQUA3 insp_combine "Restoration" "Phenomenal Luck"
/macro_image Inspiration_Damage_Lvl_3 RED3 "insp_combine "Righteous Rage" "Phenomenal Luck"
/macro_image Inspiration_Defense_Lvl_3 PURPLE3 insp_combine "Phenomenal Luck" "Resurgence"
/macro_image Inspiration_Health_Lvl_3 GREEN3 insp_combine "Resurgence"Phenomenal Luck"

Macros can be stored in an unused tray and that tray toggled up and down with this simple bind. Set the tray called to the desired tray number (8, 9, etc.)

/bind ALT+I "toggle tray8"
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Re: Quick Insp conversion macros
« Reply #1 on: July 12, 2019, 06:55:43 PM »
it's insp_combine, not inexep_combine

this is neat though.


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Re: Quick Insp conversion macros
« Reply #2 on: July 12, 2019, 08:17:18 PM »
Ah. Well. Need to slot up that "Infallible" buff.  :o

Fixed in original post... thanks.
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