Author Topic: Let's get SNOTTY! (or, Beam Me Up, SNOTTY!)  (Read 600 times)


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Let's get SNOTTY! (or, Beam Me Up, SNOTTY!)
« on: June 04, 2019, 06:09:15 PM »
Another resource is up on the website - the Gunner's Stuff No One Thought to Tell You list, or GSNOTTY.

Yes, there are a million references on the web. But most are outdated, even PW - which still has stub entries for many of the more obscure commands, and grossly outdated info for things that were revised in the Lost Years. It's also a fearsome thing for a newbie to try and enter and digest.

Even dumber, to me, is the current practice of referring people to post 43 in a Reddit thread. Good info, way too hard to find and access meaningfully.

And even as a Natural Helper archetype, I find the endless repetition of questions on Help tiring... someone asks how to respec every five minutes, and how to find a Zone every two.

So I've started a not-a-wiki, not-a-guide, not-a-FAQ page of all the dumb little stuff noobs and many returning players need to know. Just Stuff that's assumed players know or learned from some nonexistent game manual.

GSNOTTY. Friendlier than it sounds. Point your local noobs there.
== The Guide, the GABB files and the GSNOTTY list, all at (NEW!) ==