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Base Sharing Thread
« on: November 20, 2018, 01:48:08 AM »

This is post for all the generous people, or the lazy people, and the sharing-type people.  After recently reinstalling after a break, I'm very psyched about August's update with Base Building.  I, myself, am better at tinkering with things that crafting them from scratch.  So I decided to start an open thread for anyone who is a base builder that would love to show off their work in-game, with the intent to allow sharing.  Sharing, in this case, means literal settings so visitors can type "/basesave filename"

Replying here would mean:
  • Posting base files online with a link
  • Saying "/tell me in-game for a tour"
I realize that base building is a lot of work, and of course this only goes out to those who don't mind sharing; Open Source style.  You could always post screenshots if you're paranoid about "originally created by" credit.

I personally would love to modify and mess with base creations of others, so hopefully this thread will see some life. :)