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Press Release: Millennium Chat Update
« on: April 01, 2018, 08:07:59 AM »

For Immediate Release.

We apologize that we've been sidetracked lately in the release of Millennium Chat for our eagerly excited userbase.  We've been hard at work putting the finishing touches on new features that wasn't present in either City of Heroes OR Champions Online!  Features that are sure to bring a new dimension to your social experience on the program!

Take a look at what the team has been working on over the last year!

New Millennium Chat Features

Competitive Ski Runs:  After the success of the Death mechanic during the Halloween Trick or Treat expansion, we're adding similar stakes to the Ski Run.  Every run where the player fails to place in one of the three times for Bronze, Silver or Gold at a minimum, or they let the clock run out after falling off of the course, the player dies.  This makes the race more competitive and raises the stakes for finishing a Ski Run that you've started.

Auto-Costume:  To facilitate quicker Character Creation, we've added an AI-fed Auto-Costume maker to Millennium Chat.  Now players who start a new character will have a costume made for them by the client based on the following text data:
  • Length of Time the player has used Millennium Chat.
  • Number of friends on their Global Friends list.
  • Simple Keyword Match used in both the Character Name and Biography
  • Wikipedia Search of the Global Name of the Character in use
This addition has impressed our users with accurate costumes!  Check out the following results:

Princess Imelda

By simply typing in the Biography field, you can watch your character come to life with each word you type!  We also added auto-archetype to this technology as well, as you can see from the power choices made above.

Costume Parts:  Also, additional changes have occurred with our Costume Creator.  Now we've added NPC costume packs that can be bought in the Candy Cane shop.  You spend Candy Canes to get a Costume Pack, then visit the tailor to put on the pieces.  You can walk around as Statesman, Lady Jane, Lord Arachnos, Scirocco, or other beloved City of Heroes characters, or mix and match their parts.  As a method of balancing the economy, costume parts bought with Candy Canes only last for 90 minutes, at which time, the costume will revert to Standard Parts where the Costume Pack parts were used.  So get out there and show us what you've got!

Anti-Badges:  Finally, the most exciting change!  With Anti-Badges, users can drop an Anti-Badge from their inventory in any place they like.  They place on the map like any Traps Power.  When a player not on your team runs over them, they LOSE a gained Navigation badge in their character's Badge Collection.  Here's the kicker: the badge that is lost is random, and the player is NOT notified what badge is lost.  This makes badge collection a more competitive PvP experience for our users!  As always, players can regain the lost badge by visiting the marker again, and players not interested in this feature are free to turn Anti-Badges off in the Client Options.  When off, Anti-Badges simply do nothing.

Example Anti-Badge

An Anti-Badge will never trigger for a player who set them.  They disappear off of the map every Midnight Eastern Time.  Be mindful of quitting your team: after leaving a team with that player, their anti-badges will trigger when you step on them EVEN if you rejoin the team.  Anti-Badges can be obtained at the Candy Keeper and other Event Stores in-game.


We hope you are as excited for Millennium Chat as we are, and await the day we can move to Open Beta, when you can see these new features, and so many more that we can't share with you yet!  Check the forums for more updates, and we look forward to seeing you in Millennium City!

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