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Nerdgasm Embroidery Presents CoH/V Badges
« on: April 20, 2017, 10:52:59 PM »

These are all machine embroidered, which means they are good and tight, strong stitching. Able to be machine washed, and sewn onto pretty much anything you want. Or my personal choice, velcro with a lil bit of fabric glue, that way you can swap showing off badges on a whim.

Before people might ask, i don't use Etsy because of their paid for fan art policy, so for now it's just paypal.

Price and size: normal icons are sized to 3 inches and priced at 5 dollars. I pay shipping. The larger Atlas styled badges are sized to 3.5 inches and priced at 8 dollars. I still pay shipping.

Buy whole sets and i will give discounts. Sets are as follows. All Hero Icons: Hero Set. All Villain Icons: Villain Set. Alignment icons, this includes the Praetorian Resistance and Loyalty icons: Alignment Set. All Origin Icons: Origin Set. All
Hero Set: $30
Villain Set $30
Alignment Set: $25
Origin Set: $20

If interested feel free to contact me.