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Re: On "private servers"
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There were many times I wished I could reach out to him and offer my help, but while the game was running in some ways I was the only person on Earth who *couldn't* help him with a clear conscience.  An outsider could do anything.  An insider could make an informed decision as to whether or not to help him.  But I had access to insider information that I couldn't possibly get informed consent to pass onto a reverse engineer.  It would have been extremely unethical for me to get information from the devs and pass it onto him for SEGS when they had no idea I was doing that.  Since I couldn't very well ask, I couldn't get involved either.  It was an extremely tight knot I couldn't find a way to untangle to my satisfaction.

Last I checked, that's called integrity. Kudos.
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Re: On "private servers"
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Topic locked.  And based on this, the policy is now considered deprecated.

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