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Title: Brand new, couple of questions
Post by: Quinch on January 27, 2010, 12:07:46 PM

I came across this site via reference from the Suggestions CoH board and figured it might be a good place to put the info about my MA arc. Now, I'm pretty much brand new to Wiki editing altogether, so better to ask before diving in.

Basically, what is the standard format for AE descriptions? I'm thinking about cribbing the overall layout ParagonWiki uses for contacts; is that acceptable? Also, considering eventual problems with naming conflicts, should I use the arc name or ID number as the article title?
Title: Re: Brand new, couple of questions
Post by: Aggelakis on January 27, 2010, 02:31:31 PM
Our Article Guidelines (http://ouroportal.com/wiki/Ouroboros_Portal:Article_Guidelines) are available. There is a Help (http://ouroportal.com/wiki/Help:Contents) page for getting started with wiki editing. It includes a link to the very extensive Wikipedia help section.

The Arc name should be the title. Naming conflicts with other items isn't a concern yet (we've only a few hundred pages), currently if it is conflicting with something else then it gets the "(AE ####)" flag after it. The number is the arc ID. Until there is a naming conflict, you don't HAVE to use "(AE ####)" unless you really want to.

Some wonderful examples for mission arcs can be found at The Butterfly Effect (http://ouroportal.com/wiki/The_Butterfly_Effect) and The Wretch's Gift (http://ouroportal.com/wiki/The_Wretch%27s_Gift).
Title: Re: Brand new, couple of questions
Post by: eabrace on January 27, 2010, 02:41:14 PM
First of all, welcome to the Ouroboros Portal.  :)

We've already had a few Mission Architect Story Arcs (http://ouroportal.com/wiki/Category:Mission_Architect_Story_Arcs) recorded here.  I don't think a specific format has been set as our "standard" yet, but there appear to be three basic formats that have been used:

* promotional poster image (example (http://ouroportal.com/wiki/Ecloga_Prima:_Excursio_in_lingua_Latina))
* plain text (example (http://ouroportal.com/wiki/Death_by_Snoo-Snoo!))
* contact format (example (http://ouroportal.com/wiki/The_Wretch%27s_Gift))

It sounds like the third format is the one closest to what you're aiming for.

Aggelakis (http://ouroportal.com/wiki/User:Aggelakis) has been a little more involved in documenting Architect Entertainment content than I have, so I'd suggest dropping a line on her discussion page if you have any questions about how to get things set up specific to your arcs.  (I'm sure it probably won't be long before she posts here, either.  :))

Edit:  See what I mean?   :D